The Lost Book of Remedies Review: Rediscovering Nature’s Healing Power

In this article, we explore ‘The Lost Book of Remedies’ by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis. Discover the wonders of herbal medicine, its benefits, and how it reconnects us with nature’s healing wisdom. Uncover the comprehensive knowledge, pros, and cons of this valuable guide.

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The Lost Book of Remedies


In the modern age of advanced technology and pharmaceuticals, traditional wisdom and natural remedies have often been overlooked. However, Dr. Nicole Apelian’s ‘Lost Book of Remedies’ seeks to rekindle our connection with nature and its healing properties. Co-written by Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian, this book aims to educate readers about the therapeutic benefits of herbs, plants, and shrubs that have been long forgotten.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is a comprehensive guide that delves into the lost knowledge of herbal treatments and cures. With over 300 pages of valuable information, this book reconnects readers with the wonders of nature. Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, both experts in herbal remedies, present informative descriptions of various significant herbs and plants. The book caters to a wide readership and provides extensive information on different plants and their unique properties.

How does it work?

The Lost Book of Remedies helps people recognize beneficial plants, shrubs, and vines, enabling them to learn essential skills for survival in the wild. For outdoor enthusiasts or those curious about nature, this book can be a valuable companion. By offering instructions on plant identification and usage, the book empowers readers to harness the healing potential of nature.

Ingredients of The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies features hundreds of entries on medicinal herbs, treatments, and methods that can be incorporated into everyday life. With approximately 800 pieces of knowledge related to herbal treatments, the book covers a wide array of useful information. It educates readers about the variety of plants available in their surroundings that can be utilized as both food and medicine. Moreover, the book teaches readers how to recognize edible plants and even determine specific medicinal components in each herb.

Comprehensive Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies offers numerous advantages to its readers:

  • Environmental Awareness: Reading this book raises awareness of the environment and the healing properties of nature’s remedies.
  • Educating Others: By sharing the knowledge from the book, readers can educate others about natural medicines, potentially saving more lives.
  • Life-Saving Information: The book equips readers with the ability to save lives by utilizing natural remedies, fostering resourcefulness.
  • Home-Based Health Improvement: The book explains how to use herbs and plant extracts to improve health from the comfort of home.
  • Root Cause Elimination: By understanding the root cause of ailments, readers can eliminate them without relying on drugs or medications.
  • Reliable Source: Authored by experts, the book contains valuable and trustworthy information about North American plants and herbs.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Experience: The book enhances outdoor excursions, making them more enjoyable and exciting with newfound knowledge.

Science Behind The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies draws on ancient wisdom and traditional knowledge of herbal medicine, which has been passed down through generations. While modern medicine has made significant advancements, there is growing interest in exploring natural remedies and their potential benefits. Scientific research supports the effectiveness of certain herbs and plants in treating various health conditions, providing a basis for the book’s content.

Price and Availability

The Lost Book of Remedies is available in both digital and physical formats. The digital copy can be purchased for $37, while the digital and physical bundle is available for the same price, with an additional $9.99 shipping and handling fee. The physical version includes two bonus books, “80-Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard” and “Disaster Medicine: A Handbook for When Help is Not on the Way,” further enhancing the value of the package. The purchase is fully refundable within 60 days if customers are not satisfied with their purchase.


  • Flexibility: The book is available in both digital and physical formats, offering options to suit individual preferences.
  • Affordability: Priced reasonably, the Lost Book of Remedies provides valuable knowledge at an accessible cost.
  • Practical Knowledge: The book contains practical information applicable to everyday life and outdoor adventures.
  • Survival Guide: It functions as a survival manual, preparing readers to handle emergencies in natural settings.
  • Improved Health: Readers can enhance their well-being using natural remedies from the comfort of their homes.
  • Credible Authors: Authored by experts in herbal remedies, the book’s information is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Valuable Addition: The Lost Book of Remedies is a valuable addition to anyone’s library, fostering a deeper understanding of natural remedies.


  • Limited Availability: The book can only be purchased online through the official website, not from other sources like Amazon.
  • Supplementary Research: For in-depth understanding, readers might need to study additional works, especially concerning allergies and drug interactions.
  • North American Focus: The book primarily focuses on herbal treatments from North America, limiting the coverage of remedies from other regions.


In conclusion, The Lost Book of Remedies, authored by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, serves as a valuable resource for rediscovering the wonders of nature’s healing power. This budget-friendly and informative book has assisted numerous individuals in treating various diseases and conditions using natural remedies.

By embracing the lost remedies passed down through generations, readers can experience the benefits of herbal medicine without relying solely on pharmaceuticals. With flexible options and practical knowledge, The Lost Book of Remedies can be a life-changing companion for health-conscious individuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Invest in this treasure trove of herbal wisdom and secure your health and well-being for a fulfilling and healthy life.


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